Import & Export Solution (Bond Warehouse)

Import and Exporrt Module (so-called IEB) is developed for customers who have requirement for managing imported/exported goods or bonded warehouse in the Greater China area and Sunth-East Asia.

First, this solution is integrated with SAP Process Flow, Purchase Order, Invoice, Material (Master) and Inventory Management systems. Second, IEB helps on increasing the accuracy and simplifies the declaration process.

Furtnermore, the solution can also greatly reduce user effort in comparing the difference between the value of SAP objects and the value on corresponding object (category) on Government IEB system.


  1. Bonded material master build/change/display
  2. Bill of Material (BOM) form bounded material (ECN material list)
  3. Monthly end Repots for bounded transactions
  4. Period End Closing Processes
  5. Period End Reports
  6. Bonded Merge Operation (in material based on Government Stipulation)
  7. Expot Data based on SAP DN (Unit Price on SO).
  8. Prediened Import/Export Miscellaneous Expenses.
  9. Outsource Process based on SAP PO.
  10. 1:1 base relation between Outsource card - SAP PO - PO item